Ghazala rolled out her yoga mat for the first time during her freshman year of college. She was captivated by the energy that surrounded her in a room full of seasoned yogis, and soon found herself falling in love with the practice. Soon the desire to share this practice with others started to grow, and she became a teacher at the same studio where she discovered the practice. A few years later, she teaches a variety of classes, but all with the same goal in mind; self-love. You will walk out of her class feeling light and strong, and maybe with a new shift in your perspective. She will always give you a nudge to challenge yourself, but inversely provide you with adjustments and opportunity to make your practice really sweet. The greatest joy comes from watching other students blossom in their self expression and strength. Yoga provides us with incredible potential as humans, the ability to be humbled, and to find comfort in the solitude of our own stillness.

When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.
— Lao Tzu