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Michael walked out of his first Yoga class in 2009 drenched in sweat and said, “wow, what was that, and how can I get more?” Michael spent the next two years searching for this same practice, and in 2011 when he stopped looking, it truly found him. This experience lead him to his belief that the practice of yoga finds you when you expect it least and need it most. 

Michael completed his RYT 200 hour Certification and teacher training at Blue Yoga, with a strong affinity for Hatha style and Slow Burn Yoga.  He teaches with a focus on the breath, mind, and body.  He believes that if you come to your mat to win, you will lose, but if you come to your mat to practice and learn, you will grow.  As Michael continues to deepen his own practice, and further explores a balanced life, non-judgment, and an open heart, he hopes to weave these themes into each of the classes he teaches.

Comparison is the thief of joy.
— Theodore Roosevelt