"What I like most about Blue Yoga is the sense of community that the owners have developed. Establishing relationships with fellow students and teachers makes Blue Yoga feel like my home. The classes will challenge you both physically and mentally and that's the reason I keep returning to my mat."

- Sara Allen

"I started practicing yoga for the physical benefits. Once I discovered blue though, I found a practice that is so much more than just a workout. Each teacher has their own unique way of weaving a message or theme into the class that leaves me feeling both mentally and emotionally fulfilled."

- Lauren Johnson

"I began to practice yoga several years ago, but it was not until I took my first class at Blue that my life truly changed. My practice evolved from just taking classes to being a part of one big incredible family.

The sense of community is truly amazing. I have met so many beautiful people and made life long friendships with my fellow Blue yogis.

All of the teachers offer their own special style to their classes. Each of them provide students with not only an extremely challenging physical work out, but more importantly, pave the way for students to live with a lighter heart and clearer mind.

A daily practice at Blue has given me the tools to live healthier in every possible way."

- Meagan Shook

"I've met the best people I know at Blue yoga. It's where I go to move, breathe, laugh, and grow with a loving and supportive community. The teachers have a way of attracting all levels of practitioners and making them not only better yogis, but better human beings.  It's the place to be with those seeking a deeper more meaningful life experience.  In the season of gratitude, I am reminded of how blessed I am for all that Blue has to offer."

- Mary Johnson


"Deep, sensual, delicious yoga - that's why I go to Blue. Strength, flexibility and the internal competition - that's why my teenage son goes to Blue. The way we feel after every class, the peaceful mind and the incredible teachers - that's why we keep showing up at Blue."

- Karen Schultz

"Blue Yoga offers the best of all worlds in a perfectly balanced environment.  Intense and challenging, while remaining positive and welcoming.  Great space and amazing, caring teachers.  Exactly what everyone should look for in a yoga studio.  I have personally benefited a great deal from practicing at Blue Yoga and recommend it to anyone who asks – and even some that don’t."

Eric Michaels

"I started going to BLUE to help get through a difficult period in my life. My time on the mat became my escape. My escape from reality where I felt no pain or hurt. I thought that by finding yoga I would find the strength to get through what I was going through one day at a time. The classes were mentally and physically challenging, and definitely out of my comfort zone. Somewhere along the journey a shift took place, and yoga found me. I began to grow in my practice and soak up the wisdom from my teachers and I was able to excel as a student and as a person. I am grateful for the relationships that I have formed on and off the mat. BLUE is where I feel like I belong, and it is where I feel most at home."

- Mark Savedes

"What is it about Blue?  To me, it is the community of dedicated, experienced yogis and yoginis that you practice with.  They always smile, they always make room, they always welcome newcomers, they always support my practice and I support theirs.  You hear it in the breathe and you feel it in the energy in the room."

- Clay Kelly

"Blue Yoga is a studio that has created a perfect balance between nurturing and driving a student to find their potential. With love and balance, teachers  create the perfect space to practice becoming a better yogi."

- Bree Hoptman

"Blue is my second home! I love coming to yoga almost everyday and being with the other great yogis in the room. I have grown a lot from my yoga practice and Blue has led the way! Whenever I have anything stressful in my life, I turn to Blue yoga / my mat and leave 100% refreshed!"

- Sharon Shebib