Intention. Movement. transformation.

Our mission is to provide students with the most well-rounded experience. Our one of a kind, inspirational teachers utilize heat, music, and their extensive knowledge of the human body to guide yogis through challenging and meditative practices designed to strengthen the body, mind and soul. Each teacher, each class provides a different vibe, a unique personality. At our core, we believe it's all about connection, to each other, to ourselves. We laugh, we cry, we grow and we do it together, as a community. Reach out, connect, and enjoy the blue experience.


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Meet the Owners

Sometimes you just get lucky. Justin and Niki met over a decade ago, and formed a quick and lasting friendship. It wasn’t until years later that they realized that their friendship would grow into the most amazing partnership. They are yin and yang, laughter and light, and together they create balance. Everyday is a gift, and every gift is another step on this journey together. 

Risk more than others think is safe
Care more than others think is wise
Dream more than others think is practical
Expect more than others think is possible
— Cadet Maxim