b the Light 30 Day Challenge

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We don't light the fire underneath you, we light it within. We CHALLENGE YOU to 25 classes in 30 days starting October 19th!

Finishers receive 15% off their next package and a specially designed gift!

Challenge yourself, challenge a friend, let's light that fire within!

Sign up by phone or at the studio, meet ya on the mat.

Yin + Meditation


30 Mins Yin + 30 Min Meditation with Justin + Kelly

Wednesday, November 14th   8:15pm   60mins 

Round out your Fall Yoga Challenge with a completely relaxing and restorative practice. 

Justin and Kelly provide that deep space of reflection and release that we all love.  This is the final challenge‚Ķmoving into stillness, moving into silence.  Simplicity at its best.