Shorter Month, Bigger Goals Yoga Challenge


We are calling our February challenge “Shorter Month, Bigger Goals!” because it is not just about your physical practice. This month will challenge you on the MAT and far BEYOND!


Challengers will complete 24 classes in 28 days and, to help you step outside of your box, we will be hosting several special classes throughout the month to nourish the body and mind. These events will absolutely count towards your challenge, so it is the perfect time to grab a friend and try something new! Side note- even if you cannot participate in the challenge, these workshops are open to all our current students, and will be charged like a traditional class. Get excited for:


  • 60 minute guided meditation and Yin with Justin Barnes and Kelly Frank on February 28th at 8:00pm
  • Essential oils workshop with Cary Gallagher on February 10th at 1:00pm
  • Hour long workshop to explore inversions with Lisa Garatoni on February 11th at 1:00pm
  • One hour short form Ashtanga class with Niki Fink on February 24th at 1:00pm


And, for the first time ever, we are collaborating with blue student Vanessa House and her nutrition company, Cultivie. Cultivie offers a 28 day nutrition reset that can be customized to fit any lifestyle. Have you been wanting to press reset after some habits picked up over the holidays? Check out Cultivie's website for more details or reach out to Vanessa House with any questions!


The practice of yoga is a lifestyle commitment to body, mind, and soul. That is why we are excited to share this new, one-of-a kind challenge with our community! Let’s start the journey together, not just to meet on the mat, but to let that connection resonate far beyond. Get ready, February is going to be a powerful month - one for the record books!

28 Nutrition Reset with Cultivie


Reset, detox and dig deep on the Cultivie 28 day challenge. As we move into spring, it’s a good time to reflect on our daily habits, nutrition and exercise. Join the reset by signing up in person or by phone with our front desk. Feel free to check out their website or reach out to blue yogi and Cultivie owner, Vanessa House,and ask us any questions as we prepare for this journey!

PS-Even if you cannot participate in the yoga challenge, this 28 day reset is open to EVERYONE! There is no such thing as failing this, it's not an all or nothing goal, it's a journey, together, to a healthier body, mind, and soul!

Short Form Ashtanga with Niki Fink

fbFLYER 3.jpg

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."  Marcus Garvey

Students curious about the practice of Ashtanga, or those who already have the love of it in their hearts will enjoy this one hour practice of the FOUNDATIONS.
* Break down Sun Salutations
* Refine your pranayama techniques
* Focus on proper alignment and
* Maybe even learn a little Sanskrit!

This practice is for EVERYBODY.
No experience required.

This is part of our February yoga challenge, so if you have an unlimited monthly package it is included and if you have a class pack, it will cost a single class.

30 Minutes Yin + 30 Minute Meditation with Justin Barnes and Kelly Frank

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Round out your February Yoga Challenge with a completely relaxing and restorative practice. Justin and Kelly provide hands on adjustments and that deep space of reflection and release that we all love.  This is the final challenge…moving into stillness, moving into silence.  Simplicity at its best. Just like the prior two Challenge workshops, the cost of this is just a class.

This is part of our February yoga challenge, so if you have an unlimited monthly package it is included and if you have a class pack, it will cost a single class.