New Students

Welcome! Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class, we cannot emphasize this enough. Give yourself time to relax on your mat before class and prevent the distraction for other students and the teacher by walking in late. Feel free to ask any questions or let us know what’s on your mind. Happy to do anything we can to make your Blue Experience the best!


Remember the yoga room is hot and filled with your fellow yogis, so it’s important to have clean, laundered clothes. Keep it fresh, yogis, keep it fresh!

Cell Phones & Chatting

Chatting and connecting is our favorite!...Just not in the yoga room. Please leave all cell phones and friendly chat in the lobby. Yoga is a time to set aside all our devices and literally unplug from the busyness. If you are a doctor on call or have a sick child at home, please feel free to leave your phone with the front desk and they will monitor it for you.

What's the Hurry?

Unless you absolutely must, please stay for the whole class- the end is the best part, anyway!  This is the same reason why we feel it’s important to arrive early.  The deepest, most healing parts of the experience come at the beginning and end. Each class is designed to create a sacred space. Please give yourself, and your fellow yogis, the full time for the Blue experience.

Your Vibes Attract Your Tribe

Energy-we radiate it, we notice it, we reflect it. Put out what you want to get back-love, kindness, and compassion.