At blue(yoga), we are not in the business of simply providing yoga instruction, but, rather, are on a journey together to continually learn and grow.  As a studio, we pride ourselves on encouraging our teachers to use their freedom, as artists, to carefully craft sequences of asana that engage, challenge and restore.  Our objective is never to merely deliver a yoga class, but to give students an experience for the body, mind and soul.  


Introducing for the first time The Blue Experience Teacher Training - Summer 2018


This 100 hour program was carefully crafted from our signature teacher training to focus just on the nuts and bolts to best prepare you to teach specifically at Blue. Throughout this condensed 6 week course, you will work alongside our premier teachers who bring life to each and every class here at blue to learn: 

1.  How to construct and teach a class in Ashtanga, Ashtanga Remix, Vinyasa and Slowburn at blue

2.  How to achieve balance in the following areas:

      *Connection through adjustments and presence
        * Vulnerability through messaging and knowledge
        * Strength through physicality in the yoga room

3.  You will also gain an understanding of the importance we at blue place on building community and understanding the business of yoga

All interested students please reach out to the front desk at (248) 792-9053 or email us at to schedule your interview!

Let’s share what we love-the time is now, your students are waiting!

Niki, Justin, and Lisa